Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Health Motto For Now

"Run slowly, run daily, drink moderately and don't eat like a pig."
Dr. Ernest van Aaken

After running the Labor Day Road Race last September, I have been reading more and talking to people about walking/jogging/running…and it’s been interesting.

I met one guy at work (John Dove) than runs a 100 mile Endurance Race. Yes, 100 miles.
If you google 100 mile endurance run, you will get several web sites…but, this is the one he does

Another guy (Brian) is training for an Adventure Race. In a race this spring, he will run about 7-8 miles, bike about 15, then kayak some distance to the finish line. It will take several hours to complete. These races come in different varieties: some are 2 hours and some are 24!

Then, a really interesting group that John and Brian sometimes run with, are the Hash House Harriers. This group’s slogan is “A Drinking Club with a Running Problem”. They get together and one or two people (the hares) head out first and mark a trail with something like flour (or some environmentally friendly substance). Then, the rest of the group (the hounds) take off and follow the marks. The trail may be through town, through the woods, a little of both, or anywhere. At the end, they all get together for some socializing like ‘On In’ or ‘Down Down’. Usually, there is drinking involved, buy one does not have to. I may go sometime to see what’s its all about, but I don’t know if it’s for me…unless I can find a ‘family friendly’ group.

I have also met some people who have just started running over the past year, and run 2-4 miles, 3-4 times/week. And, I have met people who want to start running, but don’t think they can because of weak joints, flat feet, high arched feet, etc.

So, all of those conversations, the articles that I have read, and personal experience, led me to this post: info for anyone who is even remotely interested. Yes, it is overload…but check out what interests and motivates you. Then, save this blog in your favorites…if you might want to read more in the future…

[If you don’t read anything else, at least check out Ms Violet Carden—the last link in this blog]

Here We Go:
--You don’t need to spend a lot of money to begin walking/running/jogging. The most expensive (and the most important) is a good pair of shoes that fit your foot type. Otherwise, just dress comfortably. (But, I do wish I could get this! Garmin Forerunner, but I could never spend over $100 for any piece of running equipment…yet.

Here is a website that can explain foot type and the best shoes. And you can go straight to the ‘wet foot test’ link, click on your foot type, then best shoes for you. This is only to get an idea, of course. There are lots of shoes out there. The main thing is to know whether you need “Cushioned”, “Motion Control”, or something in between.
Foot Pronation

Also, Run Fit Sports in Macon has a platform you can stand on to help determine foot type and what shoe is best for your feet…and a very helpful staff.
RunFit Sports

--Don’t compare yourself to others! But you can gain motivation by listening to what they are doing and how they are accomplishing their goals. I will never run the 100 mile endurance race, but I am always motivated to run my 3-4 miles after listening to John.

--Set some sort of realistic goals for yourself. It might be the amount of time, distance, frequency, or anything. It’s your individual program.
Here is a good place to begin: The 30/30 Plan

--Adjust your goals from time to time to keep it ‘fresh’…and all goals should push you at least a little bit.

--It’s a mindset change to make it a top priority.

--If you try something, and it does not work…try something else!

--Discipline and consistency.

--Don’t overdo it. When ‘Dink’ had a fractured leg (apparently from overuse…jogging) the doctor told her that weightlifters and runners are the two people that are most difficult to treat. Once they get into it, they just don’t want to stop.

--Never quit…even if you have an injury or sickness and can’t get out for a while…start all over ASAP.

--It may take time, but most can eventually make it something they actually look forward to…

--Find ways to stay motivated:
Walk/Jog/Run in a race every now and then. There’s no way to explain how motivating this is until you do it.

Why Run?
Running 101

Benefits of Running

Psychology and Running

--The two local running clubs that I know of:

--A magazine good for all runners-from beginners to elite.

--Train, Don't Strain

-- Women, Jogging, Joints

And finally, read about Ms. Violet Carden. An 83 year old runner who did not start running until she was 51. The link to this newsletter may take a while to open, and Ms. Violet is the last article on the page.