Sunday, May 28, 2006

Fishers of Men-Conclusion

The only way to truly become Fishers of Men is to forsake all and become so wrapped up in the Rabbi and his Life, that we begin to sound and act like Him. It is choosing Relationships over Relevance. Relevance causes us to focus on the wrong thing. Relationships causes us to focus on the right thing.

To abandon all, follow Jesus, become like Him, is our one and only mission, until He makes us. A willingness to give up self, put down the methods of the world, and immediately obey is at the center of this transformation. He then makes us and empowers us to cast the net of the gospel into the open sea of the world, fullfilling HIS mission.

I think that we will find this to be a much more effective way to accomplish His Will on earth, if we follow this as He orginally intended.

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