Sunday, May 28, 2006

Fishers of Men Introduction

Looking for a church is getting more and more difficult. Most churches that I know of are following the modern day current of ‘baiting’ to get people in to their service. I don’t know if I am right in thinking that this is not good…but it does not feel right. Even if I could prove it wrong, I don’t know what I would or could do about it. While it is easy to justify most things, I keep reading the New Testament and I cannot find anything close to what we do today (in most churches anyway).

I think that my only real choice is to become a part of a church that is close as possible to the NT model. Once there, find out what Jesus would have me do personally, especially in the area of discipleship. Then, don’t worry about all the other stuff; just do what HE tells me.

More importantly, listen for his voice all of the time while out in the world; because that is how you really catch people for the kingdom.

Following is a two-part study for the truth concerning “Fishers of Men”…a concept that seems a little misconstrued in my opinion in the church of today. It may sound negative, but I don’t mean to be…just want to know what the Holy Spirit originally intended.

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